There Is A Lot Of Opportunity Among 401(k) Personal Investors

The future, especially the twilight years, when people get too old to work, is something that more people should be paying attention to. America, in particular, doesn’t have many of the safety nets that other countries do when it comes to retirement for older workers, as financial support from the past, such as pension plans, becomes rarer in the modern workforce. Pension plans do still exist for some jobs, especially those with powerful unions. Yet, for the majority of Americans, it is the 401(k) that fills this role.

However, the 401(k), even if it isn’t as easy to rely on as a traditional pension, provides some real investment opportunities for people. With proper management of specific 401(k) investments, it’s possible to generate sizable funds for retirement. For businesses adjacent to 401(k) investment, this also presents some opportunities, but only if you can reach out to the people who are serious about managing their 401(k) investments.

What Is The 401(k)?

The 401(k) is the replacement to the traditional pension. In the past, many businesses set aside a certain amount of money for employees that would then be paid out, like a salary, once that employee was too old to work. This was viewed as a reward for the years or even decades of service to an employer and was known as a pension.

Today, pensions are very rare, as is the idea of staying with a single employer for decades justify that kind of expenditure. There are still some professions, such as teaching or the postal service, that offer this type of benefit. Most people, however, now contribute to something known as a 401(k). This is a type of savings account or investment fund, where employees voluntarily divert a portion of their salary into it every month. In some instances, employers may match the contribution with some of their own, either a certain percentage, say 50%, or an exact, dollar-for-dollar match. Another advantage of the 401(k) is that it defers your taxes, lowering the amount you pay for the year by subtracting it from your active income. In other words, the more you contribute to your 401(k), the lower your taxes will be. However, once you start receiving your 401(k) at retirement, those savings will now be taxed.

But the 401(k) can also be used to invest and generate even more income; however, that requires a bit more management, and for some people, it can prove to be a lucrative business venture.

Investing In The Future

The 401(k) can be approached in a few different ways. For some, it’s similar to a bank account where a little bit of money from a salary is “socked away” every month, and not more thought than that goes into it. For others, however, thanks to the possibility of generating more revenue from, and its tax-deferred status, it’s an opportunity to make some financial decisions that will have positive benefits when retirement arrives. For these people, it’s possible to get much more involved, looking at the investments the 401(k) is being diverted into, talking to the people managing the funds, and directing those funds into specific investments after doing some research.

This means, for some businesses, it’s possible to reach out to 401(k) investors and guide them towards particular investment decisions. For other companies, however, the mere fact that these 401(k) investors are actively investing in their future means they are receptive to different types of investment, or financial or lifestyle considerations. Someone investing in retirement, for example, may also take an active interest in retirement properties when it’s time to downsize.

Finding The 401(k) Investor

This is a good news/bad news proposition for businesses. Because the 401(k) is so widespread, many people across the country might be viable leads for investment opportunities, or other related marketing and promotion activities. However, because there are so many people, it can also be challenging to track them down and reach out to build those leads. These aren’t all billionaires that appear regularly on the front page of the financial section of a newspaper, so tracking down all these people would require an enormous amount of research, time, and financial investment.

This is where Wall Street List comes into the equation. The company is first and foremost about maintaining a useful, but more importantly, current, database of investor leads. These leads are legal and ethically sourced, collected through a variety of different legitimate methods. Some leads come from people who have voluntarily filled out surveys. Others come from people that have filled out forms for subscription to various financial newsletters and consented to have that information shared. The important thing is, however, that Wall Street List goes over these lists and regularly filters and curates them. No client will ever receive a list, for example, with someone on it that has been deceased for over ten years.

Getting Quality Leads

When you look for accredited investor leads, like 401(k) investors, you’ll get the expected critical data, such as the name, a physical mailing address, email mailing address, and other points of contact, such as work phone number, home phone number and even numbers for SMS/Text messaging if that’s important. However, you’ll also get additional information that can help you hone your approach, such as:

  • IRA
  • Liquidity
  • Representative
  • Future Investment Preferences
  • Past Investments
  • Accredited (Based on SEC Information)
  • Annual Income
  • Occupation

And many more. This gives businesses a better idea of where their marketing, promotions, proposals, and other projects might have better reception. It also offers companies a chance to better personalize or fine-tune their approach to be more compatible with specific lead interests.

If you need more assistance, we can help with that too. In addition to providing accredited investor leads, Wall Street List can also help with the actual marketing approaches. Whether you need to organize a telemarketing effort, want to try something unique like a Fax “broadcast,” or need help from concept to execution to distribution with a turnkey direct mail solution, we have the resources to help. Contact us to ask about these and many other additional services.

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